Setting Up Access to Lotus Notes Via a Browser

Lotus Notes does not automatically allow access to secured accounts via a browser. To enable this feature, you must first perform a few preliminary steps from within the Lotus Notes program. Fortunately, these steps must only be done once.

1. In Lotus Notes, open your workspace and double-click on the PARKER's Address Book icon (shown below).  If you cannot find the icon, contact your local IT representative or Parkerís Help Desk at 1-888-795-4357.

2. Begin locating your personal profile by clicking on the People folder.

3. Start typing your last name. The Quick Search box appears (example shown below).

4. Click OK to display your personal profile record.

5. To set or change your password,

-       Double-click on your name to open your Person Document

-       Click on the Edit Person button.

NOTE:  This password is used when you access your account via a browser (i.e. from Parker Online). It does not change the password used from within the Lotus Notes program.  However, you can set both passwords to the same value.

-       In the Internet Password field, type the password you wish to use via a browser.
If there is already a value in this field, completely erase it (including the parenthesis) before typing in the new value.

*  Passwords like  parker, parker1 and similar are NOT recommended

Right Way :    Internet Password:        mysecretpassword

Wrong Way:  Internet Password:         (mysecretpassword)

-       Click the Save and Close button to save your changes
When you save the password will change to an encrypted code so no one can see the password.

Internet Password: (036CE77FA2C427D6D07D31D29737230E)


It may take a couple of hours for the Internet Password change to replicate thru the system before you can use the new password


6. Click Save and Close to submit your changes to the system.

Now, whenever you are prompted for a Lotus Notes user name and password on Parker Online, enter the values mentioned above.